Four Content Marketing Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

Four Content Marketing Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

I do quite a bit of content marketing for my clients. That’s good news for me, because in recent research by Curata, 59% of US marketing professionals said they would be spending more on content marketing in 2014 than they had in the past. The bad news is that I sometimes see that money being wasted by the companies I watch in the B2B software industry. And I don’t want that to be you. 

Mistake #1: Lack of a content marketing strategy Without a strategy, companies often churn out content like they are throwing spaghetti at a wall, just to see what sticks. Ask these questions:

  • Is your content addressing your prospective buyers’ pains?
  • Is it helping them stay on top of information they need to be successful at their jobs?
  • Is it closing common knowledge gaps?
  • Is it helping them to think differently/ get ahead of their peers?
  • Do you have success criteria in place, and can you measure them?

Mistake #2: Leading the audience down a path that lengthens your funnel Content marketing is about building a relationship. It’s great to be helpful, but eventually your help needs to lead your prospects to deeper commitment – whether it’s taking a meeting, starting a trial, or meeting some other goal. What you don’t want it to do:

  • Get your prospects thinking about other parts of the technology landscape that they must explore before moving farther along with you
  • Bring new, direct or indirect competitors into the picture
  • Create other barriers to your success

For each piece of content you create, you should know how it moves prospects down your funnel. Mistake #3: Sacrificing positioning in the name of speedPositioning is everything. It seems like it would be the first thing to think about when you are creating assets for your content marketing strategy. However, I have seen assets that slanted at a 87-degree angle from the company’s positioning – and had little impact as a result. Mistake #4: Equating content marketing with a product commercial I can’t believe I have to mention this one, but the belief is still out there that product functionality is relevant and valuable without any context around it. What You Should Be Doing About Content Marketing (Beyond Avoiding The Mistakes):

  1. Use your unique marketing funnel as the cornerstone of your content marketing strategy
  2. Tap into your customers’ generosity whenever possible
  3. Build a strong, virtual content marketing team. Content marketing is tricky to outsource, but it can also become a huge source of burnout on your internal team.

I’ll dig deeper into these points in a subsequent post.