Our Services

Giant Stride Marketing Group takes an action-oriented approach to our services. Our engagements never end with a presentation and set of high-level recommendations; we create content and sales tools that help you get found, get noticed, and stand out from the crowd. We tailor our approach for each engagement, focusing on your needs and available resources to deliver the right blend of strategic planning and tactical execution.

Learn more about what we can do for you:

Brand and messaging refresh

Do you need to revamp your messaging because of a changing marketplace or an upcoming launch? Are you concerned that your buyers won’t pay attention because of your tired brand image? Don’t worry; Giant Stride Marketing can jump right in and get it done. We’ll conduct a brand audit and then create your new positioning and brand identity. We’ll then execute on our work with new collateral, web content, social content, case studies, and more.

Buyer personas

Do you want to know your buyer better? Understand how she ticks? Whether you’re hoping to speak to your existing buyer more effectively or expanding to new buyers or industries, we’ll do the legwork needed to bring your sales team up to speed.

Win/ loss analysis

Do you have the clear picture you want about why you really win and lose deals? Let us capture the voices of your buyers – both those who purchase and those who don’t. We collect a combination of quantitative and qualitative data and turn it into actionable intelligence.

Competitive playbooks

How well do your sales people compete? We conduct detailed competitor analyses and turn it into playbooks that help your sales team win more deals. We adapt our playbooks to align with your sales methodology and target audiences.

Filling the content marketing engine

Did you know that most B2B buyers are two-thirds of the way through their purchase process before they even engage with a salesperson? If you want to get their attention, you need compelling content that demonstrates thought leadership and nurtures them through your marketing funnel. But that’s actually really hard work! We combine a fact-based mindset with creative thinking to develop engaging content, not just marketing fluff. We have delivered everything from eBooks or white papers to videos, interactive guides, case studies, blogs, and contributed articles or points of view.

SaaS trial boost

Do your product sales depend on success in a free trial? We work with you to identify potential friction points in trial, design targeted communications to address those friction points, and implement an outreach program using your marketing automation system.

Sales and channel enablement

How much does your success depend on the individual output of your best performers instead of the collective power of your whole sales team and channel? We disseminate your best practices in the form of sales playbooks, scripts, discovery questions, ROI tools, and more.

Pricing and packaging

Are your products hitting the right spots in the market? We’ll conduct the fundamental market and buyer analysis and guide you to the best decisions. We’ll then help you create all of the internal and external content necessary to implement your changes.

Product launch management

Is that big product launch stressing you out? We make it much easier for you to make the right splash and get everything done on time. We work with key constituents across your company to develop launch objectives, define a strategy, and align marketing communications, public relations/analyst relations, social media marketing, sales and partner enablement, and customer outreach.