Paying Respect to the King of Social Media, Part 4

Paying Respect to the King of Social Media, Part 4

This is the last of a series of postings in which I have teamed up with Dave Ewart, my former colleague and Director of Marketing at Cleantech Group, to share some ideas and practical tips you can incorporate into B2B social media strategies. Throughout the series we have emphasized that although social media works differently than other marketing communications channels, it in no way ignores the fundamentals of marketing strategy or of human nature. In our final set of tips, we’ll talk about understanding the communications flow. We encourage you to think through these basics – because the potential payoff for success makes your time worthwhile.

1. Focus on the communications flow and the expectations it sets for people who decide to engage with you.

Social media is very different than traditional PR or email marketing. Be sure that you think through the entire flow of a communication. For example, a prospect may be perfectly willing to fill out a registration page in order to download a white paper offered through an email promotion, but he or she will not expect such a roadblock in a tweet. Read this article to learn how Dave addressed this issue when he worked at Tealeaf.

2. Take advantage of the measurement capabilities of social media.

Become familiar with Clicks, followers, fans, Retweets and replies. Use metrics to understand what content your audience is seeking.

3. Rinse and repeat.

Like any marketing vehicle, there are no magic formulas for success. Experiment and learn; the results may surprise you.